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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Neighborhood News
Posted on Aug 30th, 2022
School is back in session and your Association wants to remind all drivers to be mindful of additional traffic, pedestrians and kids on bikes throughout the community and at bus stops. Please slow down, pay attention when kids are present, especially before and after school. 
  • Passing a bus with flashing lights is illegal in all 50 states.
  • If driving behind a school bus, allow a greater following distance of at least 3 car lengths.
  • Stay alert for flashing lights on a bus, if you see yellow flashing lights, treat it as if it were a yellow stop light, decrease your speed, and prepare to stop when the red flashing lights appear.
  • The area 10 feet around a school bus is the MOST dangerous for children, stop far enough away to allow the children enough space to safely enter and exit the school bus. 
  • Please remember these children may be young and excited when exiting. Avoid accidents and BE attentive.          
Stone Oak HOA - Security Committee Update
Posted on Jul 2nd, 2022
This is a friendly reminder to please notify Damian Worthy at 567-358-2739 (Sgt. Joe's replacement)  or email him at Apexthreatmanagement@gmail.com and  the Lucas County Sheriff at 419-213-4941 (non-emergency) before you travel on vacation. They will be able to check on your home while you are gone. When traveling for an extended period of time, consider using a timer or smart plug on interior lights to give the appearance that you are at home.  Also, remember to keep your car locked when parked in your driveway or on the street and ask your guests to do the same.
As always, immediately call 911 for any emergencies or if you notice anything suspicious. For non-emergency communications, general security questions and/or comments, feel free to contact the HOA Security Committee at stoneoakpatrol@gmail.com. 
Also, please observe the posted speed limit in the neighborhood. We receive constant feedback that vehicles are traveling well over the posted limits, especially on Pine Valley, Augusta Lane and Orchard Lake Road. The Sheriff has offered to post a patrol car in these areas to catch speeders, but we would rather have our homeowners watch their speed rather than escalate to that step. Please remind young drivers as well.  
Your cooperation to improve and maintain the safety and security of this wonderful community is greatly appreciated!
Stone Oak Security Officer, Sgt. Joe Retires. Damian Worthy takes over ~
Posted on Jul 1st, 2022
Please be advised that Sgt. Joe Collins recently decided to embark on a well-earned retirement. Damian Worthy will be assuming Joe's responsibilities. if you need to reach Damian, his phone number is 567-358-2739 and his email is Apexthreatmanagement@gmail.com
Thank you to Sgt. Joe Collins for his many years of dedication and security services in our beautiful community.
Stone Oak HOA Board of Trustees Thanks Garden Club for Spring Flowers
Posted on Apr 29th, 2022
The Board of Trustees of the Stone Oak HOA would like to express their thanks and appreciation to the Garden club of Stone Oak for this Spring's funding of the gorgeous tulip and daffodil beds at each of the five entrances and in common ground areas.  On May 16th, weather permitting, teams of Garden Club members will be planting annuals, as well as around the pump house, again funded by the Garden Club.  
A primary mission of the Garden Club is to beautify the Stone Oak community, the funding of which consumes the vast majority of its membership dollars.  If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Beverly Karp, President or Marilyn Bender, Membership Chair.    
Architectural Control Committee Reminder
Posted on Mar 26th, 2022
With the Spring finally upon us, many homeowners will be considering doing some exterior work on their properties. As a reminder, all exterior changes must be reviewed and approved by the Stone Oak HOA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to beginning any work. The ACC is made up of Stone Oak residents. It protects property values by insuring that new construction and exterior modifications meet the community's standards. New homes and changes to homes, decks, docks, fences, etc. must have ACC approval. Examples of work that require ACC approval include, but are not limited to:  window replacement, siding replacement (vinyl is not permitted), painting, roof replacement, deck replacement or new construction, retaining wall, dock replacement or new construction, fence replacement or new fences, landscaping modifications including tree removals, swimming pool or hot tub installation - ABOVE GROUND POOLS are NOT permitted, basketball pole installation.  
The ACC request form is available on the Stone Oak website at www.stoneoak-community.com. Go to the Architectural Control Form  on the left side, downloadable on the website. Once the form is completed in full, it can be sent in several ways.
The form can be sent by:
1. Email to Erin Osstifin, Stone Oak HOA Property Manager, at eosstifin@metrotoledohomes.com 
2. Fax (include a cover sheet with your name on it) to 419-794-1540.
3. Mail or drop off at: 1911 Indian Wood Circle, Suite B, Maumee, Ohio 43537
Once the form is received the ACC will review it and determine if additional information is required and the homeowner will be notified to submit any additional information. The ACC will  complete a thorough review of the request. Once the comprehensive review is completed, the homeowner will receive a letter of notification from the ACC in the mail with either an approval or denial of the work requested.  Please be advised that work must not begin until you have received written approval from the ACC. We appreciate the cooperation of all homeowners on this HOA policy so that the community continues to look first-class!. If additional information is needed, please contact Erin Osstifin, GRI, Stone Oak HOA Property Manager.      
Stone Oak HOA Board Decision on School-Related Signs Only
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2022
At the 3/9/22 Stone Oak HOA Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees reviewed the deed restrictions with respect to signs. While only "for sale" signs are specifically permitted in the deed restrictions, the Board has the authority to approve other types of signs and recognize the pride that the Stone Oak parents have in their children.  Therefore, the Board is granting advance approval for school-related signs only, such as graduation, school welcome or sports signs to be displayed from May 15 - June 15 and August 15 - September 15 each year. School-related signs are not permitted outside of those dates. All other signs, including but not limited to  contractor, political and community event signs, are not permitted at any time.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Erin Osstifin, Stone Oak Community Property Manager.    
2022 Stone Oak Community Geese Control Plan
Posted on Mar 3rd, 2022
Please review this link below which is a letter from Bob Radachi of Stone Oak Country Club, regarding the 2022 Geese Control Measures.
If you have any questions, please notify Erin Osstifin, GRI, Stone Oak HOA Property Manager or Bob Radachi at SOCC.
From the Stone Oak HOA Property Manager, Erin Osstifin
Posted on Nov 29th, 2021
Please be aware that there was a recent incident where some unlocked vehicles were entered and property was stolen.  Fortunately, a concerned homeowner alerted authorities with pertinent information and the perpetrator was apprehended by law enforcement.  This is a perfect example of our community, Stone Oak Security Com. and local authorities working together.  Please be aware that you should always check to be certain your car(s) are locked at night, as typically criminals will look for an easy target, such as, unlocked and unattended vehicles. If you have surveillance cameras make certain they are directed at locations of entry and garages. Please call 911, the Lucas County Sheriff's Deptmt., if you suspect criminal activity around your property or the neighborhood and notify the Stone Oak HOA Security Committee, as well.  Thank you.   
~ 2021 Fall and Winter Reminders and Newsletter ~
Posted on Oct 16th, 2021
Please be advised that the 2021 Fall and Winter Reminders and Newsletter are available to read by clicking the Left Navigation Bar under Newsletter. 
Community Reminder Regarding Trash/Recycling Receptacles
Posted on Aug 26th, 2021
Please be aware that Article 1.10 of the Stone Oak Declaration of Rights and Regulations states, "All rubbish, garbage and debris (combustible and non-combustible on residential lots shall be stored in underground containers or stored and maintained in containers entirely within the garage or basement." if you have been storing your trash and/or recycling containers outside, please relocate them into the garage immediately.   Thank you for your assistance, as we strive to maintain the beautiful appearance of this unique and special community. 

Upcoming Events
Garden Club of Stone Oak ~ "Fall and Holiday Decorations" with Jean Emery
Thursday, October 20th
The Garden Club of Stone Oak invites you to the October Membership Meeting, "Fall and Holiday Decorations" with Jean Emery" on October 20th. Social Hour at 6PM, Dinner at 6:30PM and the Special Feature at 7PM. All are welcome to attend the special feature at 7PM. Please RSVP to the Stone Oak Country Club for the event.  
Garden Cub of Stone Oak ~ "Restoration of the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse" with Sandy Bhin"
Thursday, November 17th
The Garden Club of Stone Oak invites you to the November Membership Meeting, "Restoration of the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse with Sandy Bihn" on November 17th.  Social Hour at 6PM, Dinner at 6:30PM with the Special Feature at 7PM. All are welcome to attend the Special Feature at 7.  Please RSVP to the Stone Oak Country Club.  

Welcome New Neighbors
After January 1, 2022
Anthony and Patti Licatta, Jr., 638 St. Annes
Kevin and Karen Ward, 8819 Royal Oak
Judy Gorun, 8601 Ponte Vedra
Alexander Foster, 9047 Sand Ridge
Ronald Bice, 806 St. Annes 
Andrew Kriegel, 8545 Ponte Vedra
Randall Dixon, 526 Spring Lake Point
Ozair Ali and Fatima Jafri, 8436 Augusta
Christopher Carruthers, 8563 Royal Birkdale
Kyle Newkirk, 637 Glen Abbey
David and Kristen Hunt, 110 Treetop Lane
Allen and Polly Boyer, 753 St. Annes 
Green Valley Property Management LLC, 735 St. Annes 
Lucas and Kaitlyn Dummitt, 8428 Willow Glen
Laeek Afzai, 611 St. Annes
Tamia and Kanardo Whittington, 704 St. Annes
Pat and Mimi O'Connell, 8601 Ponte Vedra

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*The Stone Oak HOA neither recommends, supports or endorses the services provided by community members, but does this as a community service for homeowners. We will not be held legally liable or responsible for any and all occurrences, if they should occur. Each homeowner must assume responsibility for requesting personal/work references and a thorough and proper background checks, etc.