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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Neighborhood News
From the Stone Oak HOA Property Manager, Erin Osstifin
Posted on Nov 29th, 2021
Please be aware that there was a recent incident where some unlocked vehicles were entered and property was stolen.  Fortunately, a concerned homeowner alerted authorities with pertinent information and the perpetrator was apprehended by law enforcement.  This is a perfect example of our community, Stone Oak Security Com. and local authorities working together.  Please be aware that you should always check to be certain your car(s) are locked at night, as typically criminals will look for an easy target, such as, unlocked and unattended vehicles. If you have surveillance cameras make certain they are directed at locations of entry and garages. Please call 911, the Lucas County Sheriff's Deptmt., if you suspect criminal activity around your property or the neighborhood and notify the Stone Oak HOA Security Committee, as well.  Thank you.   
~ 2021 Fall and Winter Reminders and Newsletter ~
Posted on Oct 16th, 2021
Please be advised that the 2021 Fall and Winter Reminders and Newsletter are available to read by clicking the Left Navigation Bar under Newsletter. 
Community Reminder Regarding Trash/Recycling Receptacles
Posted on Aug 26th, 2021
Please be aware that Article 1.10 of the Stone Oak Declaration of Rights and Regulations states, "All rubbish, garbage and debris (combustible and non-combustible on residential lots shall be stored in underground containers or stored and maintained in containers entirely within the garage or basement." if you have been storing your trash and/or recycling containers outside, please relocate them into the garage immediately.   Thank you for your assistance, as we strive to maintain the beautiful appearance of this unique and special community. 
Stone Oak HOA seeks those interested to run for the 2021 Stone Oak HOA Board of Trustees
Posted on Aug 20th, 2021
Are you willing to share your expertise, support and personal involvement in this beautiful community?  Are you passionate about volunteering? Are you interested in maintaining the quality of life at Stone Oak? The Stone Oak Homeowners Association needs you! The Stone Oak HOA Board of Trustees is requesting volunteers to consider running for election for open positions on the 2021 SOHOA Board of  Trustees. Please complete the 2021 HOA Board Application, and submit to Erin Osstifin GRI, Stone Oak Homeowners Association Property Manager by October 1, 2021.  We encourage everyone to consider running for election for these fulfilling and community-minded positions and look forward to new individuals and new ideas for this great community!  
Proceed to the HOA section for additional information and the BOD Application. Thank you very much and please consider this opportunity to get involved in this community that we call home. 
Posted on Aug 17th, 2021
School is back in session and your Association wants to remind all drivers to be mindful of additional traffic, pedestrians and kids on bikes throughout the community and at bus stops. Please slow down, pay attention when kids are present, especially before and after school. 
  • Passing a bus with flashing lights is illegal in all 50 states.
  • If driving behind a school bus, allow a greater following distance of at least 3 car lengths.
  • Stay alert for flashing lights on a bus, if you see yellow flashing lights, treat it as if it were a yellow stop light, decrease your speed, and prepare to stop when the red flashing lights appear.
  • The area 10 feet around a school bus is the MOST dangerous for children, stop far enough away to allow the children enough space to safely enter and exit the school bus. 
  • Please remember these children may be young and excited when exiting. Avoid accidents and BE attentive.          
SOHOA Board of Trustees from 6/22/2021
Posted on Aug 17th, 2021
The Stone Oak HOA Board of Trustees, for your convenience, posted the recent Board Minutes available for you to read and review from June 22, 2021 under the heading of MEETING MINUTES on the Left Nav. Bar of the Stone Oak HOA website. 
From the Stone Oak HOA Property Manager ~ Home Mailboxes
Posted on Aug 6th, 2021
Today, a call was received to the Stone Oak HOA Property Manager's Office from the USPS regarding bees in mailboxes.  They notified the HOA that they will be placing mail "on hold" if there are bees in the mailbox. The Postal Carrier was stung many times yesterday and needed Benadryl brought to her. She left notes for a couple of people, but said the problem was overwhelming. Please check your mailbox and paper slot as soon as possible and make sure that both are free of bees' nests. Thank you very much for your cooperation on this matter. 
Stone Oak HOA ~ Golf Cart Task Force
Posted on Jun 24th, 2021
In an effort to combat reckless and underage/illegal driving of golf carts on the public streets in our community, the Stone Oak Security Committee has formed a task force. The Golf Cart Task Force is commissioned to perform the following:
-Report any perceived underage golf cart drivers to the Lucas County Sheriff.
-Report any reckless or careless behavior while driving a golf cart.
-Build awareness to the public/non-residents that our community is a golf cart community.
The Golf Cart Task Force is made up of Security Committee members and encourages anyone in the community to report this dangerous type of behavior to the Lucas County Sheriff (NON-EMERGENCY LINE) at 419-213-4977.
it is hoped by taking action accidents and potentially tragic consequences will be avoided. Thank you for your cooperation.
Erin Osstifin, GRI
 Stone Oak Property Manager
REMAX Preferred Associates   
Stone Oak HOA -- No Solicitation Policy
Posted on Jun 3rd, 2021
The Stone Oak HOA has received some complaints regarding individuals coming onto their property soliciting business, i.e., home or roofing repairs. Stone Oak has a "No Solicitation" policy which is stated on signs at each entry into our community, which is being ignored. if a business solicitor comes to your door, tell them that this is a no solicitation neighborhood and ask them to leave.  if they persist, get their name and  company that they represent. if everyone bands together and presents the same message, vendors will finally realize that they are wasting their time in Stone Oak and move on to a new neighborhood.
- Barb Machin, HOA President
Open Letter from the Stone Oak HOA Board of Trustees
Posted on May 10th, 2021
An Open Letter to the Stone Oak Homeowners from the Stone Oak Homeowners Association Board Of Trustees

Upcoming Events
The Stone Oak HOA Board of Trustees and Property Manager wish you all Season's Greetings!
Monday, November 29th

Welcome New Neighbors
After December 5, 2020
Richard and Michelle Colella, 8946 Royal Oak
John and Amanda Schlageter, 9043 Oak Valley
Jeffrey and Tamara Sandwisch, 8612 Stone Oak Drive
Robert and Dalia Brandeberry, 8938 Orchard Lake
Michelle Eckhert, 8928 Orchard Lake
Jeffrey and Tammi Szaronos, 349 Sawgrass Ct.
Craig and Deborah Jacobs, 8663 Stone Oak Drive
Delance Sims, 9102 Rolling Hill
Brendan Shanley and Erin Blythe, 8964 Sand Ridge
William and Barbara Fry, 8461 Augusta Lane
Mahmood and Irma Khan, 9104 Orchard Lane
Roger Reese Jr. and Marcia Hayes, 557 Spring Lake Point
Jonathan and Barbara Malhoit, 8507 Augusta
Stephan and Judy DeDonato, 8641 Augusta
Santhi Avula, 8643 Quail Hollow
David and Judith Walrod, 8648 Quail Hollow
Dennis Kotevski and Niki Celebrezze, 8709 Royal Oak
Amy Flanigan, 659 St. Annes
Michael Rudnicki and Tracy Zimmer, 8555 Royal Birkdale
Jason and Danielle Schaff, 8646 Plum Hollow
Wayne and Cereda Blanchard, 665 Glen Abbey Lane
Robert Smith and Penny Thorn, 8923 Orchard Lake
David and Mary Gothier, 8633 Ponte Vedra
Michael Gessner, 8928 Orchard Lake
Timothy and Mary Connolly, 338 Pine Valley
Jonathan and Zinaida Kaye, 762 Lost Lakes
Kara Mominee and Shane McGaharan, 722 Lost Lakes
Anthony Bruno, 8461 Augusta
Ann Hartman, 8629 Ponte Vedra
Jeanene Perkins, 8660 Quail Hollow 
Takia Collins, 8666 Augusta
Denis and Jill Williams, 761 St. Annes
John and Joan Bommer, 147 Stone Oak Ct.
Raj and Bhawana Bhatia, 211 Stone Oak Dr. 
BJ and Tammy Claus, 154 Treetop Place
Montrece Crosby, 9114 Rolling Hill
John and Kathryn Weinberg, 8840 Royal Oak
Kelly Rasmus, 122 Pine Valley
Ritchie Go, 8600 Castle Oaks

Stone Oak Community Assistance

Stone Oak Job Seekers*

None at this time

*The Stone Oak HOA neither recommends, supports or endorses the services provided by community members, but does this as a community service for homeowners. We will not be held legally liable or responsible for any and all occurrences, if they should occur. Each homeowner must assume responsibility for requesting personal/work references and a thorough and proper background checks, etc.