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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Neighborhood News
Open Letter from the Stone Oak HOA Board of Trustees
Posted on May 10th, 2021
An Open Letter to the Stone Oak Homeowners from the Stone Oak Homeowners Association Board Of Trustees
Stone Oak HOA -- Goose Control
Posted on May 10th, 2021
Just a friendly reminder to everyone, that we are still addling and oiling Canada Geese eggs to prevent the young goslings from hatching this year. To date, we have addled eggs in 21 nests along the the shorelines of Lost Lake and Sand Lake.  On average, each nest contained 6-7 eggs.  if the goslings would have hatched, there would have been 120 young birds feeding on turf grass along the shorelines.  it would have developed into a real health hazard for Stone Oak.  The nests can still be addled until the permit expires on June 1st. Please help the Maintenance crew by searching your property and report any new nests to them. The Canada Goose is persistent and can build a second nest nearby.  Please DO NOT destroy the nest on your property, because the geese will just lay new eggs nearby up to June 1st and beyond. if this is not successful, we will be forced to have a round-up in June. This will entail applying for a permit through the ODNR and contacting a contractor to do the round-up. This will allow for a more manageable Canada Goose population at Stone oak.  The Maintenance Deptmt. initially indicated that a $100 fee would be charged to the homeowner having a nest on their property, it was later determined that this was a community problem and there should be no charge for this service. Thank you to Bob Radachi and his team for the hard work put into this huge project.
As a reminder, please do not feed the geese. Bread is harmful to them and encourages them to stay.    Thank you to all for your cooperation on this project
As you might know, we have a Canada Geese problem in the Stone Oak community (over-population).  The number of these birds has increased dramatically within the last few years and poses a health hazard to the community. This is why the Stone Oak Country Cub and the two Stone Oak HOA's have purchased a border colllie. This trained dog chases the adult birds from the property. 
It has been somewhat successful however, additional measures must be taken to further control the current population from expanding to a larger number. Hence, there is a need to disrupt the nesting of the adult geese within the development.  This spring the Stone Oak Maintenance Department, obtained a permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources --- Wildlife Division to disrupt any nesting of the Canada Geese here at Stone Oak. If these nesting birds are allowed to hatch their eggs, then the goslings with their families are here to stay till they can fly (midsummer) creating an unhealthy situation in our lakes, ponds, and on our shorelines. in addition to this dilemma, the young juveniles return to the same property next year to nest, increasing our current number to a larger overall bird population.
We will not harm the adult birds, however, we will take certain measures approved by the ODNR to prevent the eggs from hatching.  We only have the permit for one season, however this type of population control will definitely prevent the geese population from increasing to an unmanageable flock.
if this is unsuccessful, then the goose round-up will be inevitable in June.  The price for this type of goose control could be rather expensive. in order to improve our goose control program.  i am asking for assistance, if you see a nesting goose on your property, please contact us so that we can do our part to control our bird population.
 if you have any questions/concerns/comments, please contact Bob Radachi, Director of Grounds at Stone Oak Country Club at bob@stoneoakcc.com or call him at 419-867-0969.  
SOHOA Board of Trustees from 2/9/2021
Posted on Apr 26th, 2021
The Stone Oak HOA Board of Trustees, for your convenience has posted the recent Board Minutes available for you to read and review from 2/9/2021, under the heading of Meeting Minutes on the Left Nav. Bar of the Stone Oak HOA website. 
Stone Oak HOA Thanks the Garden Club of Stone Oak
Posted on Apr 23rd, 2021
The Stone Oak Homeowners Association wants to thank the Garden Club of Stone Oak for its generous donation of funds and labor to brighten and beautify the entrances with flowers this May.  This is one of many ways the Garden Club seeks to enhance the beauty of the neighborhood.
If you are interested in joining the annual planting with Garden Club members on Monday, May 17th, at 9AM and have not already signed up, please contact Kay Starr or Jane Keller.  
The Garden Club of Stone Oak Calendar of Events and Membership information for 2021
Posted on Apr 21st, 2021
Did you know that you don't have to be a Stone Oak Country Club member to participate in the Garden Club? But, you do have to live within the Stone Oak community. It's a great way to meet your neighbors and make friends. We have a dinner meeting with an informative planned program. The purpose of the Stone Oak Garden Club is to promote beautification of our neighborhood and club.  Additional information may be found at Stoneoak-Community.com or on Facebook at Stone Oak Community Members. Pease be aware that due to COVID-19 some program changes have occurred ... please review the updated events under the Upcoming Events heading.  Please click here to view the 2021 Events and Membership Information for the Garden Club of Stone Oak. Please join us! 
Reappraisal of Permanent Base for Maintenance Assessments
Posted on Mar 21st, 2021
Stone Oak homeowners will receive a Notice for an April 13, 2021 hearing on the Lucas County Engineer's Reappraisal of the costs for maintenance for the subdivision's drainage infrastructure.  This relates to the maintenance of the required drainage ponds throughout the subdivision, of which there are nine. The former maintenance base value stated on your form was created in 1989 when the subdivision opened for construction of private homes.  Since that time, only one minor maintenance project in 2010 has been conducted. Recently, the deteriorating condition of stone of the ponds was brought to the attention of the Lucas County Engineers, resulting in their need to re-evaluate potential repair costs in 2020 dollars. The revised maintenance base value stated on your form represents a hypothetical number based on worst case scenario.  if the drainage system for the entire subdivision needs to be replaced or restructured.  The Lucas County Engineer applied an inflation rate of 2.5% per year from 1989 to 2020 to reach the estimated amount.  It is anticipated that much less will be required, but, as yet, a survey for each pond has not yet been undertaken.  When the surveys are concluded, the required repairs and/or restructuring completed and the total cost ascertained, the total will be split 1/3 to the Country Club and 2/3 to all residential lot owners, resulting in a pro-rata share for each residential lot owner of 0.11%.  The assessment will be included in the following year's tax bill.  Article 5.3 of the Stone Oak Deed of Restrictions provides that all residential lots and the golf course lots are subject to drainage maintenance assessments, the amount and the method of assessment to be determined by the Lucas County Engineer.  
The Homeowners' Association Board encourages you to attend the electronic hearing scheduled for Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 2 PM, the details of which are available on the link at http://co.lucas.oh.us/calender.aspx
Thank you,
The Stone Oak  Homeowners' Assn Board
Barb Machin, President  
The Hill Ave. and Centennial Road Roundabout
Posted on Jan 20th, 2021
Please be aware of the proposed changes scheduled to occur between June 30, 2023 and July 1, 2024 at the Hill Avenue and Centennial Road intersection which will become a single-lane roundabout. Please click here to review the Lucas County Project  #110346 details, planning and the aerial views of the proposed road changes.  Stone Oak homeowners will receive additional information this week in an email from the Stone Oak HOA Property Manager, Erin Osstifin, GRE and Barbara Machin, SOHOA Board President.  Please review this important information and refer any comments, concerns or suggestions to the Lucas County Engineer's Office, the phone number and email is available on the letter of notice, available above. 
2020-2021 Stone Oak HOA Board Announced
Posted on Dec 3rd, 2020
Please welcome the newly elected 2020-2021 Stone Oak HOA Executive Officers and Trustees.  We thank all of them for their leadership, commitment and service to this beautiful community.
President: Barbara Machin
Vice President:  Ralph Wooddell
Secretary:  Bill Hylan
Treasurer: Thomas Bartlett
Keith Burwell
Craig Francisco
Justin Kearns
Joe Perkins
Mimi Tarini
Volunteers Needed for the Stone Oak HOA Security Committee
Posted on Jul 5th, 2020
The Stone Oak Security Committee is looking for additional volunteers to serve on it. Please consider joining the Stone Oak Community Security Committee if you have an interest or a professional expertise in the safety and security of this community. If you are interested in volunteering on this committee, please contact StoneOakPatrol@gmail.com or Erin Osstifin, GRI, the Stone Oak HOA Property Manager at 419-392-7931.  Thank you for your interest in serving our community!     
Sign Restrictions Reminder
Posted on Jun 30th, 2020
Just a friendly reminder, that, in accordance with the Stone Oak Community HOA Declaration of Rights and Regulations, signs are NOT permitted, with the exception of signs advertising the sale of a residential lot or property. 
Thank you for keeping this community beautiful!  

Upcoming Events
Garden Club of Stone Oak ~ Crosby Garden Tour
Thursday, June 17th
The Garden Club of Stone Oak cordially invites you to this special event on June 17th, 2021 to tour the beautiful Crosby Garden Tour.
Garden Club of Stone Oak ~ "New Art at Schedel Garden" Tour and Lunch
Thursday, July 15th
The Garden Club of Stone Oak cordially invites you to enjoy the "New Art at Schedel Garden" tour and lunch on July 15,2021. 

Welcome New Neighbors
After December 5, 2020
Richard and Michelle Colella, 8946 Royal Oak
John and Amanda Schlageter, 9043 Oak Valley
Jeffrey and Tamara Sandwisch, 8612 Stone Oak Drive
Robert and Dalia Brandeberry, 8938 Orchard Lake
Michelle Eckhert, 8928 Orchard Lake
Jeffrey and Tammi Szaronos, 349 Sawgrass Ct.
Craig and Deborah Jacobs, 8663 Stone Oak Drive
Delance Sims, 9102 Rolling Hill
Brendan Shanley and Erin Blythe, 8964 Sand Ridge
William and Barbara Fry, 8461 Augusta Lane
Mahmood and Irma Khan, 9104 Orchard Lane
Roger Reese Jr. and Marcia Hayes, 557 Spring Lake Point
Jonathan and Barbara Malhoit, 8507 Augusta
Stephan and Judy DeDonato, 8641 Augusta
Santhi Avula, 8643 Quail Hollow
David and Judith Walrod, 8648 Quail Hollow

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*The Stone Oak HOA neither recommends, supports or endorses the services provided by community members, but does this as a community service for homeowners. We will not be held legally liable or responsible for any and all occurrences, if they should occur. Each homeowner must assume responsibility for requesting personal/work references and a thorough and proper background checks, etc.