Stone Oak Community. A residential community in Holland, Ohio
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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Neighborhood News
New SOHA President Announced~ Mr Gary Yunker
Posted on Apr 27th, 2015
Due to a job relocation out of the state, President Joanie Barrett appointed Vice President Gary Yunker to assume the position of the SOHA President until the Annual Meeting in November. President Yunker will appoint a new Vice President in the next few weeks. Thank you Gary for taking on this position of leadership for the SOHA~
Stone Oak Country Club Open House on April 29th
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2015
The Stone Oak Country Club welcomes all homeowners and potential members to an Open House on Wednesday, April 29th from 6-8PM. All new members who have joined the Club since June,2014 are invited to a fun night of orientation to a New Member Reception on Thursday, June 11th from 6-8PM.
SOHA Dues Mailed this Week
Posted on Jan 28th, 2015
Please be advised that all Stone Oak homeowners should have received the 2015 HOA dues invoice for Stone Oak in the mail this past week. If you did not receive a dues statement, please contact Property Manager, Erin Osstifin at REMAX Preferred to receive a copy. All homeowners are responsible for submitting payment for these annual dues or they could risk having a lien placed on the Stone Oak property.
Fall and Winter Newsletter Available Online
Posted on Oct 27th, 2014
The SOHA Fall and Winter Newsletter is available online for all Stone Oak residents. Please click on this link, Fall and Winter Newsletter. 
Sign Up for Springfield Twp. Alerts
Posted on Apr 21st, 2014
Springfield Township alerts provide public service announcements and notification for emergencies including, but not limited to tornadoes, amber alerts, leaf removal and snow emergencies This free system is available for anyone choosing to opt in. You will receive alerts via text message and email.  By signing up for the alerts, residents also will receive Lucas County Emergency Alerts. All is information is confidential. To sign up for the township alert system, visit and complete the registration form.  
Become a Member of the Garden Club of Stone Oak
Posted on Feb 19th, 2013
Membership is open to everyone in the Stone Oak community as well as members of Stone Oak Country Club who live outside the walls of Stone Oak.  You don't have to be gardener or even enjoy gardening to join. We just have a great time together to beautify our community and have fun doing it.  Most of our members are women, but a few men have joined and participate.  Our dinner meetings are typically the third Thursday evening of each month at 6:00 PM for cocktails and 6:30 PM for dinner.  Usually there is a speaker on some topic of general interest.  Attached is the 2015 Membership Form which has a brief explaination of the mission and purpose of the Garden Club. Dues are $25 and are due by 10/31.  If you do not wish to join the Garden Club but appreciate the beatification it does in the community you may make a donation to the GCSO.  If you have any questions about membership or making a donation, please contact Diane Smolen or Maureen Powers.   
Be Alert and be SAFE
Posted on Feb 1st, 2013
Stone Oak homeowners need to secure and lock all doors even when at home or working outside in the yard.  If you have first floor windows do not leave them open if they are unattended. Please secure and close all garage doors for added protection when at home or away. If you have a security system in your home arm it and use it.  If you are away on vacation relay this to your neighbors and notify your security company of your vacation plans.  We all need to be alert and be safe in our neighborhood.     
Important Update
Posted on Jul 24th, 2012
Please be advised that here has been a rash of  acts of vandalism within Stone Oak in the last several days. Damage was done to mailboxes, entrance lighting  and the golf course. We have also received a recent report of a vehicle in a driveway being broken into and an amplifier was stolen out of it. The Lucas County Sheriff's Department has been making additional rounds through the community. In the event that you notice suspicious persons/vehicles or activity, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 419-213-4941, a non-emergency number. The caller has the option to remain anonymous. In the event of an emergency, call 911. 
We understand that some vandals were caught last night, but we are not certain if they have done all of the vandalism. Please continue to be aware of the potential for vandalism and criminal activity. If you sustain any vandalism damage, please report it to the Sheriff's office at the non-emergency number.
Our private Stone Oak security guard , Joe Collins, can be reached at or at 419-277-0587.  
Thank you for your cooperation!  
Stone Oak Security Officer~Joe Collins
Posted on Dec 13th, 2011
The Stone Oak Communty is monitored during specific times by our own private security officer, Joe Collins. Joe is retired from the Lucas County Sheriff's department and has over 30 years of law enforcement experience.  His cell phone number is 419-277-0587.  In the event of an emergency, contact 911 immediately.  Joe can do drive-by inspections while homeowners are on vacation, if they wish him to do so.  You can either call or e-mail him at This security service is provided to all homeowners through the homeowners dues.        

Upcoming Events
GCSO Matt Anderson ~ For the Love of Birds
Thursday, June 18th
Hostesses: Mary Ann Laritz and Mary Ann Dwyer
GCSO Hidden Harbor Links
Wednesday, July 15th
Hostess: Tara Walton, Need more Hostesses. ****

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Welcome New Neighbors
After November 15th, 2014
Colleen Costantin, 9042 Oak Valley
Susan & Craig Wozena, 107 Pine Valley
Richard & Esther Johnson, 21 Stone Oak Blvd.
Benjamin & Jacqueline Goff, 8654 Plum Hollow Point, lot
Danielle Mitchell, 535 St. Annes
Ronald & Moriah Conner, 544 St. Annes
Hank & Frances Meshorer, 530 St. Annes
Janet Bernard et al., 8461 Augusta Lane 
Vincent Keiser, 111 Pine Valley

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Looking for a sitter? They have three! Call the Irmen sisters in Stone Oak

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